Motorcycles Stolen in Village By the Bay

Two motorcycles were stolen on 10/21/2014 from Village By the Bay Condominium, in Aventura, Florida 33160 and it is reported as that in the Aventura Police Department. One of those motorcycles was my 2007 Blue Kawasaki ZX-14 VIN JKBZXNA157A016776 with Plate Number 83952Q

This page exist so the VIN can be located if someone is looking for the VIN in the web.

Video of the bikes being riden out of the property after the locks where broken (chain and disc lock). You can notice a car follows them up. The car has not being identified, bust most likely it enter to the property with a barcode or as a guest.

In the whole hour, between 3-4 there are no much movement in the main entrance/exit door. Strange enough, a car departs almost at the same time, following the two bikes stolen that night (the other one, in the right, was a 1000cc, mine is in the left). What is the purpose of having guests to checkin in security with an ID and identify the vehicle at the entrance, if you can not identify them when they depart.... there was no camera pointing to the plate of the car or one that can tell what plate it is.

The next information was displayed in the condominum in different locations on that opportunity and was removed after the association told me that I will be fined if I continue to display an "ad" in the property.... Other "ads" where allowed on that time and the fight was there, but I dont have money to lawyer it up, so I just stop displaying it. Instead of advice residents that motorcycles (and bicycles) had been stolen and what measures will be taken to prevent next ocurrences, the management decided to keep it quiet. Since that date, no cameras had been added to the garages, not even to the motorcycle areas.

Sorry to say, but Aventura Police Department didnt really investigated it. There are a large number of traffic cameras around the zone that could had been easily used to identify the car plate of the car following the bikes at that exact time. They just told me that in that month alone, more than 10 motorcycles had been stolen

Status 2017/1/1: Bike still missing. most likely sold by parts by now